Facing Forward welcomed Terry O’Connell, Australian Pioneer of Restorative Practice for a one day Masterclass at the Dublin Dispute Resolution Centre.  It was a fitting venue for Terry to share his insights gained over 30 years since the days he was a young cop with the New South Wales Police Force.


With empathy and humour, he stressed the importance of being aware of our own explicit practice of restorative principles in every area of our lives.   From this foundation we are better able to build relationships and help others to do likewise.


Terry also vividly illustrated the positive effects of a Restorative Justice conference by showing a video an intervention

which he organised during his time with the NSW Police Department.    The fatal shooting of a young man during a robbery and the effect on those touched by it was the catlyst for this moving and instructive experience.


An examination of  shame, its purpose and how we react to it

helped us to understand this complex emotion. And throughout the day, the interaction between Terry and  those present increased the shared learning experience.


In his engaging manner, Terry generously shared his knowledge

and gave us a deeper understanding of restorative principles thus enabling a more authentic and explicit practice.