Restorative Justice for people who have committed a crime

Restorative Justice for Persons who have Harmed by Serious Crime

People who have committed serious criminal acts on others may have thought about their actions over time and be willing to address the fact that they did serious harm. They may be willing or wish to do ‘restorative’ work such as take part in a Restorative Justice Programme or Workshop. They may agree to engage with or meet the person(s) they harmed and listen to them. They may be willing to answer questions that no one else can answer. They may be willing to listen to the person(s) explain the impact that the crime had on their life and other’s in their family.

A person who has harmed others through serious crime may be willing to work with their own family members with a view to healing the hurts caused through the ripple effects of the harm.

People who have harmed others through serious crime might wish to help survivors of crimes done by other people by taking part in restorative circles such as those done in Greenbay Prison. (To insert hyperlink).

Facing Forward, will do restorative work with survivors of serious crime and offenders of serious crime when it is possible to do so in a totally safe, empowering and respectful environment.  Some processes we offer are:

  • Victim – Offender Dialogue  -Possible when the offender has accepted responsibility for the crime. This does not have to be a face to face encounter.
  • Restorative Circles
  • Restorative Justice Awareness Workshops
  • Family Reconciliation Work