Restorative Practice

We are a group of trained facilitators who seek to engage both the people who have been harmed and those who have caused harm by serious crime in a parallel journey of heart-felt conversations.

Facing Forward can connect you with independent  trained and experience Restorative Practice facilitators who provide a wide range of Restorative approaches including, Healing Circles, Victim Offender Dialogue and Restorative Conferences . These processes create opportunities for those impacted by crime to address the issues arising from abuse, violent behaviour and criminal offences.

If you are seeking an independent Restorative Practice Facilitator please consider the following :

  1. The nature/sensitivity/complexity of the harmful behaviour.
  2. What you think might be an appropriate Restorative approach for those who have been harmed and caused the harm.
  3. The skills and experience you require to facilitate an appropriate restorative approach.

When engaging  a Restorative Practice Facilitator you will need to ensure that:

Facing Forward does not assess or validate Practitioners abilities, skills and knowledge. We can however give you names of Practitioners.

Facing Forward strongly recommends that anyone considering engaging a Restorative Practitioner meets that practitioner and undertakes their own checks, including that the practitioner has the appropriate professional indemnity cover, in advance of engaging their services. Facing Forward does not accept any liability for the services/work of any practitioner.

The practitioners are not employees or representatives of Facing Forward, unless otherwise notified, they may be members or volunteers with Facing Forward.

If you have any questions please contact Facing Forward.