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Sexual Trauma and Abuse: Restorative and Transformative Possibilities? Facing Forward, Dr.Marie Kennan and Bernadette Fahy collaborative research project. At the time the National Commission on Restorative Justice reported in 2009, it said “While no offence should in principle be excluded from the restorative process, certain serious offences such as sexual assaults should be excluded from the initial phases of implementation” (NCRJ2009, p. 81). The evidence from the research presented in this study indicates that this cautious approach to restorative justice in sexual crime is now no longer appropriate. Download full report here 

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Why do I Teach Restorative Justice to Law Students? Janine Geske in The Bar Review , Volume 19, Issue 1, February 2014. The most important benefit of teaching restorative justice in a law school is that the students develop the vision, the skills, and the passion to positively transform our justice system. The future lawyers, who participate in the study and experience of restorative justice, have experienced the enormous part they can play in providing an environment and process for people in pain to work toward healing and restoration. We will all be the beneficiaries of that work. Read more here

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Dialogical Progress Examined: A Victim Offender Dialogue Case study. Author: Barbara Walshe & Janine Geske featured in The Edward M Kennedy Institute for Conflict Intervention  Journal of Mediation & Applied Conflict Analysis. This article outlines the evolution and development of Victim Offender Dialogue now seen as a growing part of the Restorative Justice movement worldwide. A case study outlines the rationale given by both victims and offender for participation and the necessary preparation undertaken to conduct an authentic process with both. An examination is made of the nature and extent of the issues explored during the dialogue and the process and outcome of the dialogue itself. Read more here

National Commission on Restorative Justice Interim Report 
National Commission on Restorative Justice Final Report 
CDI Policy Brief: Restorative Practices: Building and maintaining strong and effective organisations and communities
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The Irish Review of Community Economic Development Law and Policy
Restorative Practices in Northern Ireland: A Mapping Exercise




Handbook on Restorative justice programmes
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