A pilot scheme will enable adult survivors of sexual assault to confront the perpetrator or someone they see as complicit in their abuse.

Adult victims of sexual assault will have the opportunity to face their perpetrators and describe the impact of the attack on their lives as part of a world-first restorative justice program being piloted in Victoria.

The program, which has the backing of senior police, psychiatrists and sexual assault organisations, will be run by the South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault & Family Violence (Secasa) and evaluated by academics at Monash University.

Victims will be able to meet their perpetrators, or someone connected to their abuse such as a family member who did not report it, and talk about how they have been affected . The sessions are moderated and voluntary for all sides.

Victims usually seek different resolutions from restorative justice, but they can range from recognition of what happened to them to an apology.

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