Affiliations and Memberships

Facing Forward is a member of the following groups and organisations:

Restorative Practice Strategic All Ireland Forum (RPSF)

The RPSF is a member-based group focusing on influencing policy and practice relating to Restorative Practices in Ireland. Facing Forward is a member of the RPSF, Management Committee.

Vision: Ireland as an island which uses and integrates restorative practices across all services with a view to promoting and maintaining healthy relationships in communities, sectors and organisations.

Mission: Restorative Practice Strategic Forum (RPSF) promotes and supports the use of restorative approaches spanning all sectors of the community in Ireland both locally, regionally and nationally through the development of strategies designed to embed these practices across society including schools, neighbourhoods and services in the context of a life cycle approach.

Strategic Objectives:

  1. To promote restorative practice as a key approach to prevention and early intervention;
  2. To develop the potential for restorative practices to support inclusion within communities, sectors and organisations;
  3. To identify potential for collaboration and joint developments;
  4. To develop capacity, systems and infrastructures which support the growth and evolution of restorative practices, as well as build their sustainability;
  5. To progress and support locally based accreditation and training options;
  6. To offer those interested in the strategic development of restorative practices a space for reflecting, crystallising, sharing and deepening understanding.

The RPSF is open to all those across the Island of Ireland who have a role in the strategic management and development of restorative practices. For more information on the  RPSF please check their website here.

All Ireland Conference Planning Group 

The Restorative Justice Forum (NI) set up a sub-group (currently comprised of eight members of the Forum) to plan events to promote Restorative Practices in Northern Ireland.  The Forum agreed that this team should join with practitioners and colleagues from Southern Ireland to find out if there was an appetite in the South for an all-island conference to run during International Restorative Justice Week, 2013.  The first meeting of this group in September 2012 resulted in agreement from all that there was considerable support for such a conference and the new “All Island Restorative Practices Events Planning Team (ARPEPT) would continue to meet (at least quarterly) to develop the concept and plan logistics for a major event with the purpose of bringing together policy and decision makers and practitioners from across Ireland to share practice and learning and develop networks for better cross-border linkages for the future.  The ARPEPT database currently comprises of 40 members (ten North and 30 South, representing statutory, community and voluntary Restorative Practice sectors), of which 12-15 are meeting regularly.   Facing Forward is represented on this planning group. The group planned and implemented the November 2013 “Restorative Connections: Developing a Roadmap Across the Island of Ireland”.

The purpose of the event was to:

(1) Introduce and promote Restorative Practices with key decision makers across Ireland (both within and outside the Justice sector).

(2) Provide space for discussing, analysing and exploring restorative thinking, practice and developments.

(3) Build long lasting relationships across Ireland to further develop Restorative Practice across all levels of society.

Agreed conference objectives are that together we can create restorative connections by:

  • Sharing our knowledge
  • Spreading our networks
  • Building our relationships
  • Developing our practice

More information from the conference please read here

Association for Criminal Justice and Research

The Association for Criminal Justice Research and Development Ltd (ACJRD) seeks to promote reform, development and effective operation of the criminal justice system. For more information about the ACJRD please see their website Facing Forward hold annual organisational membership of the ACJRD.