Advocacy Valuing each person

We promote Restorative Justice in Ireland as effective strategies to prevent, reduce and repair harm, heal trauma and transform the lives of individuals and communities impacted by crime, including serious crime. Read more…

Research Creating justice together

We are committed to contributing to the evidence about the possibilities of restorative justice processes in the Irish context. Read more…

Restorative Practice Seeking to repair the harm

As trained restorative justice facilitators we seek to engage both the people who have been harmed and those who have caused harm by serious crime in a parallel journey of heart-felt conversations. Read more…

Training Transforming conflict

One of our core objectives is to provide high standard education and training from leading practitioners in the field of Restorative Justice and Conflict Transformation. Read more…

Recent Updates
Reflection on Practice
  • “Where four years ago no one knew what restorative justice was, now it is heard in conversations in the cellblocks and in the yard” Read more here….

    Dina Kraft
    New York Times
  • In April 2013, four members of Facing Forward, Nadette, Marie, Susan and Catherine, took a trip to Wisconsin to take part in a Restorative Justice Programme in Green Bay Maximum Security Prison. Read more here….

    Catherine O'Connell
    Facing Forward Committee Member
  • “He looked terrified. He was like a scared little boy. He was afraid of what I was going to say,’ she says. “But I felt calm. If I had been there just to scream at him, the meeting would never have happened.” Read more here….

    Joanne Nodding
    Irish Times covers Restorative Justice in Serious Crimes